Monday, April 7, 2008

Video of the new PSN to be up this week and other PS3 rumors

Keep an eye out on the official sony blog this week for some new video of the new store upgrade.From what I hear it'll be before Wednesday,so keep checking

Bioshock 2 on PS3?? Seems like it's going to happen .
Kotaku has a story up on it now,but they have been posting job postitions for a while now.

Whats going to be on the PSN store after the 15th?
I've keep hearing rumours of a psn original game,some more PS1 titles,GT5P of course and a larger content amount.My money is on Echochrome(but I've heard May-June)

PS3 getting Fallout 3 exclusively?
No,it's going to be mulitplatform...I've asked..give it a rest folks.It's for PC,360 and PS3.

Infinity ward is plugging away on the PS3 maps for COD4,so expect them not long after store release.Go buy them,they are worth the money.

DLC for Ratchet and Clank..Yes,but when??
I think the PSN release chart was not a fake after all..Bring it on guys.

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