Thursday, April 10, 2008

PSN Store Video up and some questions answered..

A new video went up this morning on the official Sony blog for the new store update.I hope my idea of putting firmware update videos on the store makes it Jeff...I'm taking credit for that.
Well the new XMB interface looks pretty neat and it goes live April 15th.Store updates will be on the 17th and will continue to be on Thursdays..HD trailers for Movies will still be available(I know some people have been worried that just clips in the preview screen were it..

The Store will not be reigon locked..Good news,Europeans and anybody looking for unusual content not in your area. I'm seeing all kinds of reports of what may show up in the store from Home(not going to happen,sorry...) to others..SSHD update,new boards for Pixel Junk,etc

So check it out,but you may want to try youtube as the site has been experiencing some issues.

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