Thursday, April 24, 2008

May PSN Store Content "rumors"

This is what I'm expecting for May.I may be a week or so off in there so don't
kill me! lol I'll try to put in some kind of order

Pain DLC character Nigel(yes another one)
The Bourne Conspiracy Demo
Pixel Junk DLC(this might go next week..?)
Bionic Commando rearmed(probably mid may)
Haze Demo(this has to hit before the 22nd at least.
Elefunk(end of may?)
Wipeout HD
There are some more PS1 games down the pipeline too.But I'm guessing it'll be drawn out.
Rayman,Streetfighter Alpha,Wipeout XL,Syphon Filter 3

Will the Hot Shots demo hit?? UK got it.
I think the next couple weeks for the SCEE and SCEA stores will get noticeably better!


CitizenInsane27 said...

I'm definitely trusting most of that, sounds solid. I would make guesses, but mine would be WAAAAY off.
Haha, thanks dude. I'll keep a look out in between masses of game-festing on GTAIV.

CitizenInsane27 said...

Oh, I just read that a few people have contacted SCEA about the PJmonsters expansion, and it's supposed to go up (from the way it's being worded) May 1st. I need to double check if that's a thursday.