Sunday, June 29, 2008

2 videos of 2.40 Firmware on Official blog before 12am PST

Jeff Rubenstein on the official blog has commented that 2 videos will be available
tonight before 12am PST.One video will be for in game XMB and one will before trophies.Check out for further updates tonights

Friday, June 27, 2008 is up! Check it out

Sony has setup today.You can go there to setup questions that will be available to play on your PS3.Looks like a neat setup.The game releases next week.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life after 2.40 and some PS3 News tidbits

Hi folks.Let's get to the news roundup first.

1.Europe can expect Echochrome and Commando 3 next week in the PSN update.
2.Poster Consoul on Neogaf(he has some reliability) says Sony will put up the video and list for 2.40 on Monday
3.Sony's mid term meeting reveals a Video Store with PSP compatability,White Knight before April 09,a new weather and news channel called Life with Playstation.

So,we know that 2.40 is coming out pretty soon and I've come up with a few things I think will be needed or would be very much appreciated after 2.40.What do you think?

2.RSS feeder
3.Internet Radio(see a PSP theme don't ya?)
3.Apple Ipod support
4.BC compatability emulation

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rumour(More PS3 Gamercard pics? You decide

Looks like has some new information on Gamercard pictures from
their inside sources.This looks to have a similar setup as what Xbox Live has.Take a look and see if you think its real or not.It will be a nice addition if it is indeed true.

Rumour(The features of in-game XMB in 2.40)

It seems as though got some inside information on what you can access from in game in the new firmware 2.40.They are also saying it won't be available till at least July 15th at E3.I'm still thinking we'll see it before then.
Here is the list:

Friend category
View, send, receive messages
Manage downloads
Set the vibration feature of the controller
Sign in to PlayStation Network
Register friends
Manage Bluetooth devices
Terminate the game
Music category
Use the system BGM
Work the system BGM operation panel
Settings category
Assign controllers
View profiles
Game category
Set audio devices
Use the voice changer

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Review of Space Invaders Extreme PSP

Many times,we all get caught up in Next Gen graphics,co-op,multiplayer and more.We tend to lose sight of games that are geniunely fun to play.Space Invaders Extreme for the Sony PSP is exactly one of those games.

Space Invaders is a game that my generation grew up playing in Arcades when we were young.I used to spend tons of quarters or tokens playing games like this,but as I've gotten older I've become more of a current player.I play first person shooters and sandbox games and really don't look back on those games like I should I guess.

So,I picked up Space Invaders Extreme and it's a game designed to work well on a portable system.It's easy to pick up and you can play for small amounts at a time.I dare you to put it down after just a few minutes though.The basic gameplay is that you slide left or right and shoot enemies.It's not a goverment plot or you trying to take down to newest Alien overlords.No,it's a simple game with some added features.
Want a devastating laser beam? check
Want a bomb thingamabob that blows stuff up? check
Want Boss fights? Check

The game adds nice new background graphics along with special weapons,Boss battles and mini game levels.I plugged my PSP up to my tv and recorded a little video.Sorry,it isn't the best in the world,but you get the idea.So got pick up this little beauty and plan on using your psp for other things than updates.

Space Invaders Extreme
Sony Playstation Portable
Grade: A
Played for several hours each day for the last week.Continues to be a great experience

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a hit! 1 million in a week

The following press release from Konami indicates that MGS4 did exactly what they wanted it to do and that was to sell over a million in a week.See below

Metal Gear Solid 4 blows retail away!
Huge first week sales as Hideo Kojima’s epic PLAYSTATION®3 title enjoys storming first week
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced that sales of its newly-released Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots title for PLAYSTATION®3 have exceeded one million units within the first week.

Konami has shipped over one million copies of the game to retailers across Europe to meet the exceptional demand, with high sales confirmed in all European territories and securing the Number One position in the relevant sales charts.

Released globally on June 12th, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots marks the final adventure for series hero Solid Snake. With his body failing and ageing at an accelerated rate, Snake is called on one last mission to halt the plans of his long-term nemesis Liquid Snake. Liquid has seized control of a series of private armies for his own nefarious needs and, in a mission that spans the Middle East, South America and returns to Shadow Moses, Snake must stop Liquid at all costs. Also included on the disc is Metal Gear Online, a dedicated online game featuring locations from and inspired by MGS4.

In addition to the high sales across Europe, Konami has also confirmed that the limited edition MGS4 sets that comprised a ‘Making Of’ Blu-Ray, soundtrack CD and ‘Old Snake’ mannequin. 25,000 sets were made available across Europe, but were snapped up almost immediately by fans of the series.

“The Metal Gear Solid series has again proved its huge potential, and we are delighted with the fantastic response the game has enjoyed at retail,” commented Martin Schneider, Sales and Marketing Director Germany for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “MGS4 is nothing short of a masterpiece – an epic conclusion to the Solid Snake story. We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback we have received from retail and consumers alike, and will keep satisfying their needs with updates to the game’s ‘Extra’ option, and via new content to Metal Gear Online.”

Monday, June 23, 2008

Possible Pics of Trophy Screens?(Rumour)PS3fanboy has it!

www.ps3fanboy has gotten some images from some tipsters reportedly of the trophy screens from 2.40.Go on over to check out the story,but take it with a grain of salt for right now. The layout is pretty nice if I do say so myself and if its not real then they need to get a job over at SCEA.

Why is every spy photo blurry? :)

PSN service down 6/24/08..Nothing to do with 2.4

The Playstation Network will be down tomorrow from 8am to 2pm PST.It doesn't look like it will have anything to do with the 2.40 firmware.They are working on a demonstration video of what 2.40 entails,but I can't see it coming this week.By,July 17th I'm thinking. So get in your gaming tonight folks.

Want a MGS movie?

Well,the voice behind Snake(David Hayter)wants you to sign a petition to Sony to get the ball rolling on a MGS movie.I've been hearing of rumours that Christian Bale(Batman,Equilibrium,3:10 to Yuma fame) is in the running.Mr.Koijima has been in Hollywood off and on during the making MGS4 so who knows.I"m gonna sign,what about you?

What I'm playing this week.

So, it looks like a week for gaming and here's my list.Look for a review of Space Invaders Extreme on PSP up before the weekend too.

Sony PS3
Resistance(finishing it off)

Xbox 360
Battlefield BC (if the 360 comes back this week)

Space Invaders Extreme
Socom Fireteam Bravo 2

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Qore:Episode 2 Contents Revealed

Theres a playstation underground email going around with the list of what you can expect in Qore episode 2.I'm not much of a Naurto Fan,but I'm sure some will like it and it does look like a good copy of the anime.
Anatomy of a Game: The making of Resistance 2 Pt 1
In-depth look at Silent Hill:Homecoming
Featured Story: We Love Madden
Exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Demo has got this check out the line in the title above.

Little Big Planet will have a story,private levels and plush figures? will have the founder of Media Molecule on the PS Nation podcast this week discussing several topics on LittleBigPlanet including private levels,the story mode and soon to be realized plushies?? I want one kinda bad now.For the girlfriend of course!!

So I urge you to check these guys out.I listen to their podcast every week and I'd say it's one of the better ones out there along with pretty much everything 1up does.

SCEE PSN Store update for 6/19/2008

Ok,my European friends.Here is your update(it's late I know right?)
For the MGS database,just download it from the US or Japanese store.

Civilization Revolution
Dark Sector


Warhawk (Combo Booster) - £4.99
Guitar Hero III (Coldplay Track Pack: Violet Hill, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Yellow) - £3.99
Everybody's Golf World Tour (Oceania Resort Course) - £2.99
High Stakes Poker (3 new modes) - Free


High Velocity Bowling
Pain: Nigel

GT Academy
Bad Company

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sony's games at E3 July 15th-17th 2008

Here's is what Sony is officially announcing will be at E3.We of course know there will be more.

Killzone 2
MotorStorm Pacific Rift
Resistance 2
SOCOM Confrontation
Buzz TV

I expect to hear what Naughty Dog has been doing.What does LBP and the PSP have in common?More about the content of Curse. What's the deal with Infamous? and some PSN title news.
Should be exciting all around for Sony Fans.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heavenly Sword 2 canceled by SCEE

According to Kotaku sources,Heavenly Sword 2 has been canceled by SCEE.This will make the thrid title canceled by SCEE.Personally,I thought the game was fun,but I couldn't quite see a IP that was a clone of God of War.Will there be more cancellations?

Thanks to Kotaku

PSP Firmware 4.00 available soon

The official Sony Blog has up some info on the next PSP firmware.It doesn't look like much will be available.From Eric Lempel(Director of PSN operations)below:

I wanted to give you all a heads up that a new PSP system software update, v4.00, will be released soon, adding Google Internet search directly to the XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface.

This new upgrade replicates the Google Internet search experience, delivering the same search results that you’d get at And with a search history recall of 20 items, Web searches couldn’t be easier.

After you download and install the firmware on your PSP, click on the XMB’s Network icon and then the new Internet Search icon. Enter your keywords and then let Google’s algorithms do the work. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet via a wireless access point or Wi-Fi hotspot. Googling something on the go has never been more convenient on your PSP.

Another new feature delivered through the 4.00 update is the ability to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored on your Memory Stick PRO Duo, so you can speed through or slow down what you’re watching. To do this simply press the up or down directional buttons while playing a video. Enjoy!

Spore Creature Creator Demo

Saw this on'm going to be downloading this today as it looks like a load of fun.

Here's the link:

I think Robbie Bach is right.My Xbox 360 story

Earlier this week,I read a interview with Robbie Bach(Head of Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Group)that said that despite the hardware failures,customers were still brand loyal. Here's the quote to be accurate:

"In the ordinary course of something like this, you would expect it to show up in the customer reaction data. We just haven’t seen that. It speaks to the fact that they love their games and Xbox Live. Does it frustrate them? Yes. On the other hand, they know we’re taking care of them. People have a certain amount of respect for that. If it had happened on a product that had less baseline customer satisfaction, it would have had a bigger impact. We really haven’t seen that."

I will have to agree with Mr Bach on this assessment and that leads to my story.

I purchased my Premium 360 in April 2006,and it has worked flawlessly until just about two weeks ago.I was playing GTA4 and the 3 red lights came up.I contacted Microsoft support and received my coffin(box to ship it back in).I tracked the package and they received it on a friday.

Well,I got my 360 back on the following Tuesday.Three days?? That is amazingly fast for any kind of turnaround.Yes,I checked to make sure it was the same box.I had a ink mark on the side and it was still there.

Fast forward to this past Friday and my 360 started flashing 2 lights.That's the code for overheating.So,I can only assume that it wasn't completely fixed the first time.Yes,I was a little irritated as you might imagine.So I logged in to and order another repair order.Now,my 360 is going back for repairs again.That's twice in two weeks basically.

Now here's the strange thing.As Bach said,yes it is very irritating,but I'm still ready to get my 360 back to play.I have a PS3,PSP,PC and I play all of those just as much,but I'm just not mad enough at Microsoft yet to give up...Yet.

Haze was terrible.Will Star Wars Battlefront 3 be better?

I think we are all in agreement that Haze was a pretty bad title.I don't think it was Superman 64 bad,but I couldn't get farther than a hour or so into the game. Since,I'm hearing that Free Radical(rumour) will be getting their hands on the Lucasart's title Star Wars Battlefront 3.Will it come out as a better game and will they put more effort into it than Haze. I was a big fan of SW Battlefront on PC and hope that they can take their time and make it what it should be.Big freaking space battles and no Ewoks.

Many people feel Haze was over hyped or that it was a peace offering between Sony and Ubisoft to get their feet in the door of exclusivity.I rather feel it's a big pot of both.That Haze had to live up to a lot of expectations and fell rather flat in all departments.

I would ask that if a new Star Wars Battlefront comes to fruition,that it would have a good community site with Rankings and Stats.That's all I want.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Firmware 2.36 coming to PS3 soon

Getting reports this morning from the blogs that 2.36 is coming.Just a security and title update as it looks like.Nothing yet on 2.4,sadly.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

360 getting Mii like Avatars??

According to 360fanboy,it looks like Microsoft will be changing your 360 gamerpic over to a more realistic avatar of what you look like.It looks pretty interesting,but I think the 360 could use some better changes than this.Look for this to show up at E3 next month.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pain 1.67 coming in June.More Trophies,Launcher locations,Modes,custom soundtracks

The official Pain site is reporting a patch is coming out soon.More trophies,modes and more importantly new launcher locations.You can also access your music in game after the patch..Great News indeed!!!I may have to revisit Pain after the update.Click the title above to get to the link.

Pixel Junk Eden demo coming soon along with Youtube uploading

The is reporting that Pixel Junk Eden will have a demo in July along with Youtube uploading of your gameplay.Dylan Cuthbert(Q games head honcho and cool guy!Watch the RSVP 1up show cast to see him) says they want to release the demo before the game actually arrives.Great News!! Also,they want to do a free Pixel Junk Monsters patch..

email them to suggest some things.

Also check out for more info.

Metal Gear Solid 4 sells 300k in one day in Japan

Definitely,great news for Konami/Sony.I imagine that worldwide,they easily went over a million or more.I've never really gotten into Metal Gear myself,but this game is so well done.I played for four hours straight last night and I never really sit down for one sitting like that much anymore.

Wii crushes all,PS3 ahead of 360

NPD numbers were released and the Wii continues to destroy all in it's path.It' actually going to pass the 360's US user base this month.Wow.Sony pulled ahead of Microsoft by 22k consoles and I expect it to be even more in the month of June.Sound's like this is the year of the playstation.That's 3-2 for Sony in months leading in console sales in the US. Congrats Guys!

Wii - 675,100
Nintendo DS - 452,600
PlayStation 3 - 208,700
Xbox 360 - 186,600
PSP - 182,300
PS2 - 132,000

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

360 Redlights: Part 2

Well,the 360 was up and running for maybe a few days. I guess I'll have to call Microsoft again and get it sent back again..What is going on???

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MGS4:This is going to be a good week for Sony

Although,I've never really played much of the Metal Gear series,I'll be buying MGS4 this Thursday.From what I've seen(and I'm not trying to spoil myself)the game looks pretty good and alongside the main game,you get Metal Gear online.I won't have much time Saturday,but I intend to put forth some time on Thurs,Friday and Sunday and report back with what I like and dislike about the game..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is this 2.4 Firmware footage?

Hmm,what do you think? I don't think it
Please don't hack your playstations..

Thanks to for putting this up.You really
need to check those guys out if you haven't.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Qore:The review and is it worth your money

Yesterday or this morning(however you want to look at it) Qore was released on the PSN.You can buy a episode(what I recommend) or purchase a yearly subscription for $24.99 and get a free copy of Calling All Cars. Qore contains
videos,art galleries and some info on the following games. Soul Calibur,Afro Samurai,Force Unleashed,Socom Confrontation,Secret Agent Clank.There is also a trailer for the Incredible Hulk(I'm going to see this movie!!)

In this first interration of Qore,you get a spot in the Socom Beta(which I hear is two weeks after it officially starts,but that may change) and a very cool Socom Theme. Now,the question that you are going to ask is it worth my $2.99.This is kinda iffy in my opinion,because I've seen all of the Qore content in one way or the other.Many others,will find this as new info and very appealing.This is why I recommend buying it by the month,because some may be better than others.

I don't think this is Sony's step into charging for PSN( it's not) but a lot of nay sayers will want to make you believe it is.Once the video store goes live,you will see all sorts of content and Qore is really just the beginning.So what you have to ask yourself about the first episode is if the Socom Beta will be worth 3 bucks..My money says yes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Novastrike hits the Sony PSN June 5th

Looks like a interesting title..I have a feeling that
tomorrow is going to be a really really busy day on the PSN.

Resistance 1 and 2 will have trophies and Home support

Today in a chat on Eurogamer Ted Price,CEO of Insomniac said thats plans are to incorporate
Trophies and Home support into Resistance 1 & 2.Great News!

Haze : I couldn't play it any longer.

My original idea was to do a in depth review,but I couldn't make it through the game.While the graphics aren't really bad,the cut scenes and voice overs are some of the worst I have ever seen. The idea of a drug that helps you play better,but would inhibit you,were you to over dose seemed like a good idea.The problem is that you really don't need the nectar and it doesn't really play the role you would think it would.
I may try to play it again,but it is pretty bad..I had high hopes for the game too.
I will probably try to give it another shot,but it left a bad taste.

Insomniac opening Studio in NC nearby

Insomniac games,the creators of Resistance:Fall of Man and the Ratchet and Clank series are opening up a studio in the Raleigh Durham area in 2009.The studio will employee 30 employees apparently. This is great news for the local economy.I wonder if Insomniac will need community people??? I'm available :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Qore:New downloadable PSN show available June 5th

See below for the text of what Qore is or check out
I'll be downloading the first episode and giving a review of it to others who may be curious.Thanks

Introducing Qore: Taking you behind the curtain with PlayStation

+ Posted by Susan Panico // Sr. Director, PlayStation Network
Today we are announcing that Qore: Presented by the PLAYSTATION Network, a highly interactive, monthly lifestyle gaming program covering the world inside PLAYSTATION is on its way to PS3. Qore has been developed to give PS3 users early access to game related content at a level of quality, interactivity and depth. Everything is filmed in HD. Qore will feature exclusive news, developer interviews, in-depth game previews and behind-the-scenes looks at PlayStation games and special access to game demos, special beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content.

Our premier episode will be available on Thursday, June 5. The premier episode includes in-depth exclusive and never-before released content on upcoming PlayStation titles such as SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Secret Agent Clank, Soul Calibur 4 and Afro Samurai, as well as the latest Blu-ray Disc trailers, an exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation theme with an invitation to the SOCOM: Confrontation beta, art galleries and other surprises. We also know that many of you are big fans of Veronica Belmont, the widely-known host of numerous online video programs and podcasts and an avid gamer, so we’ve chosen her to be your host.

To get Qore, simply log onto PSN and go to the PLAYSTATION Store, as you would purchase any other form of downloadable content. Once the single Episode or annual subscription is purchased, that month’s episode will be downloaded under the “Game” heading on the Cross Media Bar (XMB). Users who purchase the “Qore Annual Subscription” will notice only that month’s episode is available to download. The following month, the new episode will automatically appear in your download list. The introductory price for Qore is $2.99 for a single episode and $24.99 for an annual subscription of 13 episodes, using your PLAYSTATION Network wallet.
As Peter Dille mentioned in a previous PLAYSTATION Network post, the broader service and community initiatives launching on the PLAYSTATION Network this year such as Qore, PlayStation Home and the Video Download Service are all evidence of our dedication to delivering an all-encompassing entertainment experience for PS fans. Qore is the first in a series of planned original programming specifically created for the PLAYSTATION Network community and we hope you enjoy it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Unlocking accolades =Trophies in MGS4

Today,Brandon Laurino posted up 12 tips for MGS4,but what was very
informative is this little tid bit.Wanted to be the first site to bring this info and we were..

"MGS4 is a game built from the ground up for repeat play. As the story draws to a close, you are awarded with one or more secret emblems that acknowledge (and, in effect, rate) your performance and style of play. Usually, even veteran gamers only unlock one, perhaps two on their initial playthrough. There are a ton of these accolades in total"

Sounds like rewards,trophies to me...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

So I play Haze next week..

I guess we'll see if it's as bad as everyone seems to think or if it's a case
of the mob mentality of reviewers.I'm working on Dark Sector,which isn't a bad game.It does have a case of the Gears of War syndrome(with the color pallete)but it's still a fun game so far.