Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GTA4 is going to take up some time.

So I sit down to play for a few hours last night and I have one thing to say about Rockstar's game..


I feel like I'm playing a episode of the Shield/Sopranos or something.I'm playing the 360 version now and I'll be playing the PS3 title some this week too. Only three achievements so far,but the story is very engrossing. I'm not spoiling it,but it keeps dragging me back to play it. Although,one of the characters sounds like Watto from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones..jeez

I'll get the PSN info up today. This game is dragging me away from some of the PS3 stuff I was working on,but I'll get back into it(blog) this weekend hopefully.

Now the step daughter(Mikayla) wants a Nintendo DS(great!!!!) and some games. Wish I had kept mine,but she wants pink one.I'm glad she likes games.

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