Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 24th US PSN store update

Iron Man Demo (PS3)
Echochromo Demo (PS3)(PSP)
LocoRoco (PSP) Full game
Kingdom Of Paradise (PSP)
Full Game COD4 Map Pack (PS3)
Eye of Judgement Add-On (PS3)
Resistance 2 TEASER(PS3)
PSOne Classic - R-Type
Also look out for some new wallpapers and themes, along with GH3 tracks, Rock Band tracks, and Karaoke Revolution tracks.

I was also expecting the Pixel Junk expansion...hmm
Have to see tomorrow afternoon


Anonymous said...

I would like to inquire how you know this much?

I've been waiting for someone to post this on the PSBlog all day, and haven't seen jack squat yet. Do I need to switch my reference point to this site instead?? Heh, if so let me know man!

And sonofabitch if it happens to be true, cause I spent like 4 months going from store to store looking for LocoRoco. And for them to just put it up like that is awesomely too late.

enewtabie said...


I'm just
Yeah,go ahead and switch.I'll see if I can get a few weeks out and see.I was hoping Pixel Junk was coming this week. Tell all your friends! lol
I want LocoRoco myself,I like the demo.

Anonymous said...

Haha, nosey...suuuuure. Anywho.

Definitely pick LocoRoco up, it's an amazing game, and the length of it surprised the hell out of me. Good stuff. I have a good friend that's a metal head (one of those "I hate everyone" kind of guys) and he played 5 minutes of LocoRoco which turned into 2 days of non-sleeping gameplay. He had to recharge my PSP battery over 6 times. It was ridiculous. Claimed the game was "too fuckin' cute, and I hate that word!"

Yeah, the PixelJunk expansion is definitely due, I just rainbow'd the last couple levels last week, started playing Prologue. So hopefully we get an update on where that's at.

But yeah, I definitely just bookmarked this page, and you can expect me to keep up on it, as I regularly do with GOOD gaming sites (take that as a compliment fine sir) so be ready, I'll inform others, if you build it, they will come, or something, haha.

enewtabie said...

Thanks I appreciate it very much.Working on a crystal ball post for upcoming PSN content.