Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quick review of the COD4 Variety Pack Maps

Well,I was off work today to go to the doctor with my gf.We're expecting our first child,so that was fun.But,I woke up early to check out the new maps and downloaded them off Xbox Live.
It took about 45 mins for the full 446mb download.There seems to be three map variety rotations.Deathmatch,Objective and Hardcore.So here's the run down.

It's sniper heaven.The map leaves a nice section of high ground for an assault,but this map is really made for sniping.There is a riverbed and a tunnel network along with a small town to fight in on the top of the hill. If you like the sniper rifles,then this is your map.It's my second favorite

2. Broadcast
My favorite map easily.It wide and varied in it's size,shape and options. This is basically,the TV station from the single player game,but much larger.It has a parking lot and multiple entrances.Very fun and some good close quarter combat in this one.

3. Chinatown
It's supposedly,a remake of Carentan from COD2.The map has plenty of stores and buildings to fight in and city streets.I like it,but it doesn't really go along with the COD4 theme. Keep your claymores handy on this map.

Haven't played it yet.I think it's either not setup correctly,or I'm not choosing the right map selection.


Nate said...

Right now Killhouse is only in the team tactical rotation.

ElVeneno said...

Hello, found your site via kotaku, enjoy your blogs. i'm waiting for these babies to be available via psn i own all 3 systems but enjoy my playstation hardware very much. thanks man keep up the good work. peace.

ElVeneno - psn add me.....

Witzbold said...

Hey mate its me Witz.

Good rundown of the maps!

Ive downloaded them but just have not had the time to play it and all.

Anyways left you a message in your profile back at kotaku also.

Keep on bloggin!