Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today was a busy day for Sony

So,the official Sony blog has posted up a State of the Playstation Nation report.Say that three times fast..

PSN Cards coming out soon..(knew this in December,but what was dragging it out)Home,XMB and Accomplishments are coming..Flower( A game from the creators of FLOW is down the road.
I won't bore you to tears so..
You can read all about it over on http://blog.us.playstation.com.

The main thing is the new redesign of the store.You have to love it.It's fast and
really easy to use and find what you need.Gotta give them some credit on some hard work.
There is some content in the store like a Lair update,Super Stardust Update(I have this on my system and it rocks)The only thing is if you don't immediately see it in game,then reload the update and restart and it will boot back up. The rest of the other content will hit Thursday.I can then download the client for Metal Gear Online.(I got a code from Konami yesterday..Thanks!)

Haven't tried GT5P,but I'll play it some tomorrow..Been a long day and I need some sleep.

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