Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Home: Can it save Sony?

We all know there are private betas currently active for Home.We all know that we should see it sometime in 2008. But,is it the answer to Xbox Live? No,maybe..possibly more.I think Sony is trying the social aspect to bring gamers into a bigger picture.Yes,on Live you can send messages,see what your friend is doing and all that.Well,that is basically what Home will do also,but I think it's going to be more.I think the whole Xmb issue(which I understand the assets are already in the updates)should be resolved pretty soon. So,will we get what we want?

No, we won't. Point being is that you can't please the average gamer.I'm sure there will be some functionality that isn't up to par in someone's mind,but we'll get the base of what we need. After looking at the interactivity that Uncharted,Resistance and Warhawk get...I can't help,but be excited. I just can't wait to see how it evolves from first release to later revisions.

Once they get to the point where you hit the PS button,bring up a friends name(see what level he is on,his accomplishments) and you can join the game he is playing..Then I think Sony has come a long way.

The other thing about Accomplishments/Home I want to mention is the need for a total score/bankroll.I have thought about the idea of having a Accomplishment total score and using the points to be able to buy extras for Home. Extra furniture,outfits,different apartments,etc.
Here's what you do..Have a total Accomplishment score,but have seperate bankroll with the same amount.It subtracts the points when you buy items,but still shows you have 10k accomplishment points to your friends..

Just a idea Sony!

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