Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving the Blog

I'm in the process of moving the blog.

New link is


Monday, July 7, 2008

Firmware 2.41 out by Wednesday?

According to computerandvideogames.com(click the link in the title above)2.41 should be out by this Wednesday.I think this is probably a fair assesment.Hopefully,update 4.00 for SuperStardust HD will be re-released at the same time.Keep a check on the official Sony Blog at www.blog.us.playstation.com for further information regarding the next Firmware release.

The Future of Infinity Ward

According to the blog post in the title above(click the title folks)Infinity Ward isn't resting on their laurels with the highly acclaimed Call of Duty 4.They have recently renegotiated their deal with Activision and it's allowing them some freedom it seems.Apparently,they are going to be working on their own independent IP that they will have control over.Will this be a space sci fi shooter that has been rumoured lately? I hope so,because if it's half as good as COD4 then it's twice as good as anything else out there.I'm looking at you Halo.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playstationlifestyle.net has a sneak peek at E3

According to Sev and the guys over at Playstationlifestyle.net there will be a few nice surprises from Sony at the upcoming E3.From what my friend tells me,he thinks they get inside info from a PSN related SCEE source.But,that's just a good guess.These guys are a definite good site to check out.Hit the link in the title above to see what is coming from Sony for E3.

I'll add a little

I expect to hear what Naughty Dog has been doing and the LBP major feature? Remote play,fluids or youtube connectivity.Your guess is as good as mine.

Dylan Cuthbert/Q games considering Trophies for Pixel Junk Monsters


According to this post on the official forums,they are looking into trophies for Pixel Junk Monsters.I still haven't picked up this title.I'm kind of waiting on Pixel Junk Eden personally.If you want to see a little more of Dylan,check out the 1up show:RSVP 01 on itunes.It's a roundtable discussion with Dylan,Gabe Newell from Valve and Johnathan Mak(I might not be remembering his name,but he created Everday Shooter)

Pain Movie on Official Blog Monday.Trophies will arrive when Amusement park is ready

Travis Williams has posted on the official Pain blog some interesting information regarding trophies and a video will be up on the official blog Monday showing what the Amusement Park has in store.

Click the link in the title to check it out.

What I played this weekend

Xbox 360:
Battlefield Bad Company
Gituar Hero:Aerosmith

Nothing much this weekend,still waiting to get 2.40

Nintendo DS:
Brain Age

Not very much this weekend with the Holidays and all.Look forward to a busy week this week though.