Monday, June 2, 2008

Unlocking accolades =Trophies in MGS4

Today,Brandon Laurino posted up 12 tips for MGS4,but what was very
informative is this little tid bit.Wanted to be the first site to bring this info and we were..

"MGS4 is a game built from the ground up for repeat play. As the story draws to a close, you are awarded with one or more secret emblems that acknowledge (and, in effect, rate) your performance and style of play. Usually, even veteran gamers only unlock one, perhaps two on their initial playthrough. There are a ton of these accolades in total"

Sounds like rewards,trophies to me...


Anonymous said...

Saw this on the blog too..good news man.

Anonymous said...

hot damn.I'm waiting on 2.4 now