Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Haze was terrible.Will Star Wars Battlefront 3 be better?

I think we are all in agreement that Haze was a pretty bad title.I don't think it was Superman 64 bad,but I couldn't get farther than a hour or so into the game. Since,I'm hearing that Free Radical(rumour) will be getting their hands on the Lucasart's title Star Wars Battlefront 3.Will it come out as a better game and will they put more effort into it than Haze. I was a big fan of SW Battlefront on PC and hope that they can take their time and make it what it should be.Big freaking space battles and no Ewoks.

Many people feel Haze was over hyped or that it was a peace offering between Sony and Ubisoft to get their feet in the door of exclusivity.I rather feel it's a big pot of both.That Haze had to live up to a lot of expectations and fell rather flat in all departments.

I would ask that if a new Star Wars Battlefront comes to fruition,that it would have a good community site with Rankings and Stats.That's all I want.

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