Monday, June 16, 2008

Firmware 2.36 coming to PS3 soon

Getting reports this morning from the blogs that 2.36 is coming.Just a security and title update as it looks like.Nothing yet on 2.4,sadly.


CitizenInsane27 said...

I can almost promise you that this is a security patch, but it's also a preparation patch. It was probably decided internally that this patch needs to be in place before 2.4.

Honestly, they cannot really push 2.4 back more than July, due to their imminent release schedule for their FW updates. But who knows, right? Hopefully we see it by the end of the month. Not the end of the year.

Techni said...

I love your lack of sources/evidence, so convincing. Given the video footage of 2.4, your claims aren't trust worthy

CitizenInsane27 said...


I understand your apprehension due to lack of sources, but this dude knows what's going on usually with Sony. He's got good leak-cred with a lot of people, myself included, and does it really seem all that unreasonable to see a small security patch coming out before 2.4 hits?

Oh, not to mention that 2.4 was pushed back for bug ironing.