Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MGS4:This is going to be a good week for Sony

Although,I've never really played much of the Metal Gear series,I'll be buying MGS4 this Thursday.From what I've seen(and I'm not trying to spoil myself)the game looks pretty good and alongside the main game,you get Metal Gear online.I won't have much time Saturday,but I intend to put forth some time on Thurs,Friday and Sunday and report back with what I like and dislike about the game..


CitizenInsane27 said...

Good stuff, I shall bounce my thoughts on here as well as my blog too. Should be good fun. I was wondering though, have you heard any more about FW 2.4? I hear there are delays abound, and I'm hoping it's not too far off (i.e. before the end of the month..)

enewtabie said...

Cool,I heard end of the month at least.

CitizenInsane27 said...

Alrighty, that's about what I figured. Oh, did you catch the PSBLOG's first birthday? My name made the list of top 50 commenters. Got a nice little JPEG to remember it by too. Haha.