Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Review of Space Invaders Extreme PSP

Many times,we all get caught up in Next Gen graphics,co-op,multiplayer and more.We tend to lose sight of games that are geniunely fun to play.Space Invaders Extreme for the Sony PSP is exactly one of those games.

Space Invaders is a game that my generation grew up playing in Arcades when we were young.I used to spend tons of quarters or tokens playing games like this,but as I've gotten older I've become more of a current player.I play first person shooters and sandbox games and really don't look back on those games like I should I guess.

So,I picked up Space Invaders Extreme and it's a game designed to work well on a portable system.It's easy to pick up and you can play for small amounts at a time.I dare you to put it down after just a few minutes though.The basic gameplay is that you slide left or right and shoot enemies.It's not a goverment plot or you trying to take down to newest Alien overlords.No,it's a simple game with some added features.
Want a devastating laser beam? check
Want a bomb thingamabob that blows stuff up? check
Want Boss fights? Check

The game adds nice new background graphics along with special weapons,Boss battles and mini game levels.I plugged my PSP up to my tv and recorded a little video.Sorry,it isn't the best in the world,but you get the idea.So got pick up this little beauty and plan on using your psp for other things than updates.

Space Invaders Extreme
Sony Playstation Portable
Grade: A
Played for several hours each day for the last week.Continues to be a great experience

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