Friday, June 6, 2008

Qore:The review and is it worth your money

Yesterday or this morning(however you want to look at it) Qore was released on the PSN.You can buy a episode(what I recommend) or purchase a yearly subscription for $24.99 and get a free copy of Calling All Cars. Qore contains
videos,art galleries and some info on the following games. Soul Calibur,Afro Samurai,Force Unleashed,Socom Confrontation,Secret Agent Clank.There is also a trailer for the Incredible Hulk(I'm going to see this movie!!)

In this first interration of Qore,you get a spot in the Socom Beta(which I hear is two weeks after it officially starts,but that may change) and a very cool Socom Theme. Now,the question that you are going to ask is it worth my $2.99.This is kinda iffy in my opinion,because I've seen all of the Qore content in one way or the other.Many others,will find this as new info and very appealing.This is why I recommend buying it by the month,because some may be better than others.

I don't think this is Sony's step into charging for PSN( it's not) but a lot of nay sayers will want to make you believe it is.Once the video store goes live,you will see all sorts of content and Qore is really just the beginning.So what you have to ask yourself about the first episode is if the Socom Beta will be worth 3 bucks..My money says yes.

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