Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Youtube to have direct PS3 uploading of video

See below..and great news.The capability to do this was first made aware in the 2.35 Firmware update

Back in March, we launched the new YouTube APIs and Tools, with the goal of making YouTube an open video services platform and available for use by any website, desktop application, or consumer device. Today, we are announcing a new partnership that takes advantage of the YouTube APIs in a new and interesting way.

We are happy to announce that PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3TM) has integrated the YouTube APIs to allow game developers to create games that enable direct upload of in-game video captures to YouTube. This YouTube upload functionality can be incorporated not only into new PS3 game titles, but also existing PS3 titles that have the ability to receive network updates. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has added YouTube functionality to Mainichi Issho, a popular game with PS3 users in Japan. Gamers will now be able to upload their in-game video captures to YouTube. We're excited at the opportunity this presents and look forward to more and more games to be enhanced with YouTube.

The YouTube APIs are available to all developers and we hope that game developers everywhere will use the YouTube APIs to make video an integral part of their game experience. Whether it's showing off that fantastic touchdown pass, car slide, or karaoke sing-along, we hope that more user-generated content from games will make their way to YouTube and connect with the gamer communities.

Let the games begin!

* PS3 system software must be updated to the latest version.
* “PLAYSTATION” is a registered trademark and “PS3” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


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Oh, and yes, the YouTube thing? Awesome.

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I noticed the change in the title of the blog. No more well rounded gamer due to the loss of the 360?

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Yeah,can't find anything MS related these day..quiet ...very quiet.
Fable 2 might come out this year though..lol