Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Review of the Haze Demo

First off,the Haze demo is not bad at all. The guns feel a little akward,but I get a very Haloish vibe when playing the game. One thing I noticed and it's a sort of in game XMB. From the profile screen in the game,you can bring up a menu that has friends(that menu is the XMB friends list).So in game XMB should not be a problem.
Not much of a storyline to begin with.Your dropped in the Jungle to fight Rebels.There is a tutorial on using the drug Nectar.Basically,it helps you see your enemies,makes you faster and melee like the Hulk. The graphics aren't bad,either.So,I think this game is definitely going to be worth a look.


Anonymous said...

Well most people I have spoken with, thought the demo was crap.
I did to. The entire gameplay seemed to have been copied from Halo.

enewtabie said...

Let's hope it's not copied from Halo..You can only drive a jeep to safety at the end of a game so many times.