Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend:Not much time for games!

Well,this weekend was pretty busy with family and doing stuff with the girlfriend.We went out and got some things for the baby coming in October. I did go by Gamestop and checked on my stepdaughters Pink Nintendo DS.I'm just going to wait a few days before her birthday and pick it up.I almost picked up a Nintendo Wii,but I feel like I'll just wait a little longer.I did pick up Devil May Cry 4,which looks beautiful.It plays just like the original versions I played on PS2,but looks much better. I also put down my preorder for Metal Gear Solid 4,so I can't wait for that and I'm not the biggest Metal Gear fan.Other than that,it's been a pretty lax weekend for the games.So,hopefully next week it'll pick up! See ya soon.

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