Thursday, May 15, 2008

Konami pushing for Trophies before June 12th?

Sev is saying (from his sources) that Konami is pushing Sony to get 2.4 up and running before June 12th.From my sources(it's a decent possiblity) and that the Open beta in November for Home isn't really the final release..hmmm
Also expect something better on the information front for Sony's official blogs in regards to the SCEE reigon.Yes,Threespeech(better spell it the proper way instead of joking or the dorks wont' get isn't pulling it's own. Stay tuned for some more info tomorrow on Sony happenings!

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CitizenInsane27 said...

Ooo trophies!!!

I am excited, and yes, I am totally, hopelessly addicted to Grand Theft Auto. I would tell you to join me, but if I remember right, you got it on 360, right?