Monday, March 17, 2008

Review of Pain/PSN

Pain is one of those games that you either love or hate (like a relative).Even though the game is out in the US,it should be hitting Europe this week or next (hopefully and according to gossip).First the bad things. It is lacking in content and value.The game costs $9.99 and you get basically one section of a city to send your guy flying into objects ala The Greatest American Hero.If the game was say $5.99 I could understand it,but nonetheless I still enjoy it. It's a good family game also,but don't expect to play it for hours on end. Three levels and the game would have been golden,but this feels setup to burn your for extra content on PSN. You can also buy extra characters,but I still feel ripped off at this point.
Well,you ask what are the good things? It's damn fun. You have got to laugh at someone falling into a smokestake or getting their nuts smashed into a pole. Yes,it is a test of what the Havok engine can do and it does have a lot of failings. But,I think if you have the extra coin and want a little time waster,then why not. Although,don't blame me when you say "That's it?"
There are extra modes such as Mime Toss,Spank the Monkey and the free dlc fun with explosives which adds some extra play time.There is also a mp selection to the game,but I rarely play that much. So is it worth your money?

Yes,if your money was 5-6 bucks,but at the current price point I don't think so.

Sony PS3 PSN game
Grade: B-

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