Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Army of Two/360 : Definitely Rental Material

I can't stand it.Sorry,but I'll be blunt about it. The game irritates me to no end.If you are looking to pick this up and play the single player campaign..Forget it! The AI is completely useless.For example,I was wounded and the AI decided to drag me around the entire board and I couldn't do anything until it decided to stop and heal me. I may try to play it some more,but this may be a trade-in.I usually can handle some problems,but it's just so frustrating. Also,when you switch the difficulty to Contractor..It's really really tough. The gun sounds are terrible,etc.
I guess the only saving grace in my mind is that you can play with a friend and that makes a much better game.But,so far I'm not impressed..Save your money folks.

Army of Two
Xbox 360
EA Games
Played through second level so far.
Grade: C-

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