Friday, March 14, 2008

Enewtabie's review: Call of Duty 4/Xbox 360

I wanted to start my reviews with a game that really has taken a hold of my personal time. First off,let me give you a disclamer.I'm not a professional reviewer,but I will give you a straight opinion.

The single player campaign will rock your ass from beginning to end.Although,the plotline feels like a Michael Bay movie(which isn't a bad thing or is it?) you can't help,but be sucked in. I won't spoil the ending,but it's one of the best in modern video games. Listen up Infinity Ward and make a few more single player missions as DLC.I will spend the money. The SP missions are well rounded and vary from locations all over Europe and the Middle East and Russia. You will spend your time playing as either a British SAS commando or USMC Marine.I personally would have liked more time with the Marines. The graphics are also very impressive and I only suffered slight framerate slowdown,but that could be the 360s fault.

Now to the bread and butter. The multiplayer slaps you in the face like a cheap prostitute. From the perks to the challenges to the wide variety of maps. The level system maxes out at rank 55,but you can go over to prestige levels 1-10. I'm on level 45,but I will be stopping at 55 so I can keep all of my weapons. I've played most of the types of games and I find Headquarters to be my favorite.Probably the combination of high scores , unified goal and I like stabbing people in the neck who are protecting the HQ. The multiplayer will definitely pull you away from other things. Just don't forget to dump the trash or wash dishes(hmrph)

Infinity Ward will be releasing 4 maps as a part of a pack this spring/summer.No idea about price yet,but many are hoping for free. I'll gladly pay up to 800 MS points myself. I also think downloadable missions and weapons would be a good idea. Listen up fourzerotwo..

So in Conclusion,if you don't have this game. Go buy it. You'll thank me. You wife,partner or significant other will curse me to no end. You'll be smiling while singing "Frag out!"

Call of Duty 4
Developer: Infinity Ward
Platform version reviewed:Xbox 360
Single Player played to completion on Normal, just started Veteran
Multiplayer: Currently on Level 45


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