Sunday, March 23, 2008

360/PS3 Random thoughts.

360 Thoughts

The new update for RockBand became available this week.The store is perfect.The worst part before was trying to see the songs available on Marketplace and now you have it together in a well designed setup.Great Job!

Call of Duty 4 continues to soak up most of my time.Looks like I'll be downloading the new map pack available on April 3rd. It's going to be 800MS points,but well worth it.

I have been playing some Army of Two and it's very fun with a buddy,but the AI partner is completely retarded.I play on professional level and I was wounded..Well the AI dragged me around the whole board before healing me.Yeah,I think I'm just playing for achievements now..

I'm going back to playing a little Star Trek Legacy. Some of the better players like (gamertag:)
XXTC,Surlaw the Mai,Terrabtyz are playing in a tournament.I'm definitely not good enough to play those guys,but the tips are very helpful.

Xbox Live Arcade has been sucking majorly lately.Nothing really I want to play. Come on Bionic Commando!!!

Burnout Paradise has been fun,but it's a major time sucker trying to find all of the jumps and billboards.I continue to play it and it's a ton of fun.Pick it up if you get a chance.

Be sure to check out pick and play on Xbox Live.It's on the inside Xbox channel .Interesting little show.I listen to achievement junkie podcast and I love it!

PS3 Thoughts
If you aren't playing Uncharted Drakes Fortune,then you should. It really is a great game.

The Warhawk 1.3update should be available soon if it isn't already.Using a wrench to blow up a tank??? How can you not love that shit...really

PSN cards??? Where are you?
I'm having to use a generic credit card that you buy from walmart to buy games.Looking forward to getting SuperStardust HD.The demo is fun.

Downloaded Condemned 2,but haven't tried it yet.Maybe today.

GT5 Prolouge should be out soon.Not sure,if I'm getting it,but I'll be looking at the community opinion first.

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