Sunday, July 6, 2008

What I played this weekend

Xbox 360:
Battlefield Bad Company
Gituar Hero:Aerosmith

Nothing much this weekend,still waiting to get 2.40

Nintendo DS:
Brain Age

Not very much this weekend with the Holidays and all.Look forward to a busy week this week though.

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CitizenInsane27 said...

I'm sorry that the delay of 2.4 has got you weaning off the PS3. At least you haven't got it like me, my 60gb launch system's disc drive died, and I have yet to send it in. I think I might trade up (sort of up) to an 80gb for the time being, and sell my 60gb off, or keep it as a media whore. Don't know yet. Either way man, not being able to play GTA or MGS4 is driving me bonkers as hell. Yeah, I got 2.4, and I've already damn near mastered all the trophies for SSHD, but really, outside of in-game messaging, the update is hollow, and disappointing, but don't let it keep you from rocking some games on the system man. I wish I could, haha.