Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Burnout Paradise gets retroactive Trophies in future patch

According to Criterion designer for Burnout(Simon Phipps).Apparently once the patch uploads any progress you have made will also unlock trophies.Great idea!

"Okay, here’s what we can say about the details:

* Trophies will be retroactive, so, if you’ve achieved something today, the day the update arrives (not Cagney, we want to emphasise) that will be reflected in your Trophies.

* Your Burnout Paradise save game has always been locked to your PSN id - so there’s never been any chance of trading save games - your progress is your progress (we have a way of thinking ahead for this kind of stuff!)

* The Save Game Analyser works with a special export file that is exported when you do a manual save from the game, not your encrypted save game file - so there’s no chance that anyone could hack that

* That’s as much as we can reveal right now - if you know us and our site, we’ll let you know as soon as we are confident to do so

Thanks for all of the support and positive comments, guys - we really appreciate it.

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